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Mirelle Medical Aesthetics and Primary Care Providers are proud to introduce Emsella®! This unique technology revolutionizes men's and women's intimate health by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive option.

Emsella® is FDA approved to work on both men and women suffering from urinary and fecal incontinence, low libido, and erectile dysfunction. In addition to treating this range of problems. Emsella® also strengthens the anal sphincter and the pelvic floor and improves blood flow to the genitalia and the prostate, therefore improving BPH in men. Several Studies have shown that pelvic floor strength is associated with improved sexual function in both men and women.

Research indicates that one of the main reasons people are admitted to nursing homes is incontinence. Current pharmacological treatments come with significant side effects and have not had the ability to efficiently address these problems. Emsella® is the game changer! The best news of all is that Emsella® is an affordable, non-invasive treatment covered by most insurances. Book your appointment today by calling 732-292-0100 and take control of your health with Emsella®.

Join us on the revolutionary path to pelvic health by choosing EMSELLA®

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A Comparative Study on the Effects of High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology and Electrostimulation for the Treatment of Pelvic Floor Muscles and Urinary Incontinence in Parous Women

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BTL Emsella® helps you say NO to incontinence!

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