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The KeraLase™ treatment stimulates new hair growth with the combined work of the Ultra Laser and the KeraFactor. The treatment begins by preparing the scalp for the KeraFactor with the help of LaseMD™. This device creates tiny micro-channels in the scalp that will better help absorb the product and nutrients needed to encourage new hair growth.

Once the micro-channels are formed using the LaseMD™ device, Dr. Ianculovici will then move onto part two of the treatment, which is the application of the KeraFactor Peptide Complex. This serum is applied directly to the freshly formed micro-channels, which makes for deeper and more efficient penetration of the growth factors into the scalp.

What To Expect

The KeraLase™ treatment is quick and requires less than or about 30 minutes. First, Dr. Ianculovici will treat the patient’s scalp with the LaseMD™ device, which may feel warm for the patient, but not painful. Then, she will apply the KeraFactor serum, gently massaging it into the patient’s scalp immediately after. We suggest patients wait 6-12 hours before washing their hair to let the scalp fully absorb the product.


Who is a Good Candidate For KeraLase™?

Men and women suffering from hair loss or hair thinning due to aging, a change in hormones, pregnancy, or post-menopause stress are all good candidates for the KeraLase™ treatment. It should be noted that KeraLase™ is only used to stimulate new hair growth on the patient’s scalp.