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Both men and women can now experience a remarkable improvement in their intimate life following a simple, painless and safe shot.


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Let's start by educating you about PRP

With an overwhelming number of facilities currently offering Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments, you will be tempted to seek PRP therapy at discounted prices.

It is important however, that you understand the difference between the quality of PRP you are receiving and how it will impact the intended results. Currently there is a significant body of evidence to demonstrate that not all PRP's are equal.

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Why not all PRP's are equal?  

Our TruPRP is the reason why we can guarantee results?


Therapeutic TruPRP

Discover the quality of Magellan  TruPRP 

According to several studies, PRP must contain platelet counts at least 4 - 6 times baseline in order to be therapeutic. The Magellan  technology provides an automated dual spin processing system that can deliver a PRP rich in platelet growth factors as well as a fibrin matrix; the essentials for inducing collagen production and skin rejuvenation.


Each Patient is Unique

We meet each patients specific needs with fully customizable product volumes and cell concentrations.

The Magellan  Platelet Separator is unique in its ability for customizing the PRP product. The system can be programmed to deliver a volume of 3 - 10 ml from each processing cycle. This allows us to customize the cell concentration per ml within the PRP.


If men develop better erections post prostatectomy with penis rehabilitation (as suggested by this and other studies)...

then why would a man not develop better erections if he went through the same program without the prostatectomy?

We're seeing an average improvement of 5-8 on an ED scale using a pump combined with PRP (the Priapus Shot ® procedure).

Here's a news report on the subject of using the Priapus Shot ® for penis rehabilitation post prostatectomy for penis rehabilitation post prostatectomy .

In January of (2010), researchers at the University of California School of Medicine injected adipose-tissue derived stem cells into the penis of diabetic rats. The result was that the rats. The results were to "improve erectile function and to alter the micro architecture of the corpus cavernosum with an "increase in the number of endothelial cells" in the corpus cavernosum. Translation: the rats had a harder penis with more tissue-harder and bigger! Notice: In the article, they report that the number of stem cells was so small that they think that the results came from the "paracrine" effects of the fat. This means that they thought the growth factors in the fat are what caused the improvement. These are the same types of growth factors found in huge quantities in the PRFM.

Just a little reading shows that PRFM is being considered for many diseases that require healing-as in NEW TISSUE GROWTH-that's what healing is. Sure, insurance is not paying yet, but I hope that you realize the conflict of interest when insurance agencies are required to make a profit (by corporate law) while simultaneously appearing to care about your health.

As early as 2003, an article out of Boston in the Journal of Urology (J Urol 2003, click here to view), discussing new therapies for erectile dysfunction, suggested that "neovascularization using vascular growth factors has been recently demonstrated to be feasible in animal models."

Translation: If you inject growth factors into an animal's penis, then it grows new blood vessels and new tissue and gets a bigger harder penis. So, 7 years ago, this was suggested as a possibility for people-animals.PRFM is a way of supplying those growth factors.

Journal article showing improvement of erectile function with PRP: PRP improved erectile function

Here's an article showing the preservation of nerve tissue (and erectile function) in the penis with radical prostatectomy: prp for nerve in penis

We've found PRP works very well in most to improve sensation even years after prostatectomy...see videos here.

The 2016 Oscar Swag Bag -Vampire Breast Lift


So, if the Priapus Shot ™does what it should, then using it on the penis should result in all of the following:

  • Immediately larger
  • Strengthen the penis
  • Straighten the penis
  • Increase circulation within the penis for a healthier organ.
  • Make other therapies work better (if you still need Viagra or Cialis, then it will work better for you).
  • Increase sensation and pleasure (helps correct the damage from diabetes).
  • Proven to work in multiple studies
  • Increase size by design (Can place more in base or in the head or wherever makes for best result)
  • No allergic reactions (using your own body's fluids).
  • No lumpiness
  • Minimal pain (no burning from the PRFM since it's from your own body)
  • Guaranteed

Now, after actually doing the procedure, the results have been as expected.


  • This procedure can be performed under optional anesthesia or simply by numbing the area with lidocaine cream, which is applied to the penis.
  • Blood is drawn from the arm (just like when you have a blood test done).
  • The blood is put in a centrifuge
  • The platelets are transferred into a separate chamber, where they are activated using a few drops of calcium chloride solution, to trick the platelets into thinking that they are in the body and the body has been injured.
  • The platelets release growth factors into the liquid of the tube.
  • The liquid is transferred into a syringe and injected into the penis using a tiny needle and in a way that distributes the growth factors in the proper way.

If you wish to be considered for this procedure, you can go here to see providers of the Priapus Shot ® I think the day will come when these injections are given routinely in the same way we tune-up a car with a little STP to clean the fuel injectors. Instead, we will use PRFM to clean out the circulation of the penis and grow new blood vessels.

You will be required to use a penile pump to for optimal results after this procedure. The pumps we recommend need to be purchased prior to the procedure. You can purchase any quality pump, however we've seen better results with the ones offered by Dr. Kaplan, with whom we have negotiated substantial discounts for our patients. To receive your discount code for the highest quality pump, please remember to ask us for it when making your appointment.

Most of our male patients opt for anesthesia for this service, which is only offered by Dr. Kerns in our Manhattan office.

Pumps recommended by Dr. Charles Runels  



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The Woman's 4 "Sex-Pleasure Problems"...& the Sad Reason Doctors Stay Silent

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (Low desire). Remember, that this is not counted a disorder unless it's disrupting the woman's life. Around 10% of women suffer with this problem. Important: Suffering with a sexual disorder does not simply make sex not fun. Better sex leads to more energy, more creativity, increased confidence, less depression, and improved overall health.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (usually but not always accompanies Sexual Desire Disorder). Women who suffer with this may want to have sex but have much difficulty finding the pleasure of arousal. The 5% incidence doesn't sound like much until you think about it-that's the same as one in 20!

Female Orgasmic Disorder: Again around 1 in 20 (or 5%). Here women can become aroused but have much difficulty with orgasm. This can be so frustrating that sex becomes a frustration that they avoid.

Dyspareunia: Here the woman suffers with real pain with sex (not from decreased lubrication or vaginal spasm). The incidence is from around 1 in 10 to 1 in 5 women!

Note: The above shocking statistics came from Obstetrics & Gynecology April 2011

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The overall numbers of women who suffer-30-50% (depending upon the age) are discouraging. And remember, these numbers only include women who are bothered.

If they are not having sex because one of these problems but claim to not be bothered by the lack of sexual activity, then that's not counted in these statistics. Is that really the best way to tabulate the incidence of a problem? Perhaps. But, suppose I didn't count high cholesterol as a problem unless it bothered the patient with a heart attack?

Is it possible that a women just learns to tolerate less than optimal sexual activity (rather than activating the Female Orgasm System) and so eventually does not consider the sexual condition to be a problem?

Since the number 30-50% listed in the medical literature considers only those bothered by the symptoms, the actual number of women with the 4 conditions described above would be greater than 50%-some estimate to be at least 60%.

Perhaps even more disturbing, think of the ripple effect throughout society as children and communities suffer with the breakdown of marriage relationships because of these problems. With 150 million women in the US in 2010, at the low end of normal (30%) that means that at least 50 million women suffer with these problems. What ripple effect does that have on families in the USA?


Why Women Suffer Even After Seeing the Gynecologist

Research shows that only about 14% of women EVER talk to ANY of their physicians about sex. With around 4 in 10 suffering from a sexual disorder, why do only about 1 in 10 ever talk to their physician about sex?

According to Practice Bulletin in Obstetrics and Gynecology (April 2011), the reason may be that (with the exception of short-term hormone replacement) research shows few proven treatment options. Both physician and patient would be discouraged by discussing a problem for which there is no proven solution-so the doctor just doesn't ask.

Notice that the only treatment offered is vaginal estrogen or topical testosterone or psychotherapy.

And even with the hormone therapies, the results were described as short-term. No wonder only 14% of doctors ever discuss sexual problems with women--if the woman is already on hormones (or pre-menopausal), the only known solution, per the official recommendation of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, appears to be psycho-social therapies!

There's no doubt that sex-education/counseling helps sex, but if the woman's body does not respond as it should-even with proper knowledge-then the woman continues to suffer...That explains why 50 million women in the US alone continue to suffer mentally and physically from sexual problems.

So... With Viagra, and Cialis, and Penis Implants, and Hundreds of Supplements to Help Men...

"Isn't it About Time the Girls Have Their Turn?"™

Seems men have plenty of options for medical therapy, while women get psychological counseling and maybe some hormones. It's about time for that to change. So, what's new...

For several years, blood-derived growth factors have been used to regenerate the face. You can see the science that supports using PRP to rejuvenate the face here: Vampire Facelift ®.

Multiple news reports described the Vampire Facelift ® proce